My travels bus driver left me in the middle of an unknown City!

(Pic courtesy: Google.)

Hello PayTm,

So I finally found the link to get to you guys.

The bus (Ebenezer Travels) was fairly on time and as we began the journey, until I complained about the A/C not working, after 3 hours, the driver didn’t turn it on. This travels basically just feeds on unaware customers.

Next is the best (sarcasm), the bus was standing at one of the stops in Pondicherry and I requested the driver (Richard: 9886311518) if I could quickly buy a bottle of water. Numerous shops were visible just 5 Mtrs away. I asked the permission because if we are late, I didn’t want to cause inconvenience to other passengers.

He gave me a go ahead. I went out with only my wallet and phone and returned back to the spot in less than 2 minutes.

To my shock, I saw the bus leave in front of my eyes!!

I frantically called the driver and told him I am back and that he had left me. I could just run back to the bus if he stopped; I could see it.

To further shock, he said: “ just wait sir, I’ll go the bus stand and pick up some passengers. 5 mins.”

I was like: “ What!!!! I AM a passenger right here!! He just left me in the middle of an unknown city at 11 PM, with all my belongings on the us. I was a bit sleepy, I was shocked out of it.

30 mins, 5 calls, 5 ‘5 minute’ excuses later, the bus came up. I was furious and was almost ready to call cops on the travels!!

When I boarded the bus and asked him that it’s been 30 mins I was out on ground, continuously being lied to; he responded: “ just 20–25 mins sir; where 30 mins!”

I told him, I’ll make him pay for this! He didn’t even bother replying or saying sorry.

I tried connecting PayTm customer care as well; I was using paytm for the first time to book a bus. To my dismay, there’s no visible option to call, on the app!

I have found this way to message you.

Now, I seek proper resolution of this issue and have some faith in you guys since I have been using PayTm for long now.

In case I don’t get proper resolution, I’ll be happy to go to consumer court with this.

Do you guys do ANY enquiries AT ALL with the travels you tie up with or is it just profit for you??



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