When an Entrepreneur is not working...

Note: This story is just a collection of my thoughts on a burning issue I face. You may not find any eye opening insight.

The whole world is mesmerized by entrepreneurship and we all read stories of new apps, portals, software making splash in the market with their million dollar valuations.

Every entrepreneur, whether rich or bankrupt, deserves a pat on the back, for at least giving a shot and each of us are thankful to the whole world who has changed their POV towards us, even our failures.

Although it’s an exciting journey to embark upon and it’s no less than riding a roller coaster for the first time. Every entrepreneur has gotta go back home after the end of the day.

He has to take a Sunday off to finish the chores, giving time to family, or just prevent himself from burning out.

For a lotta entrepreneurs, it helps do so, at least that’s how famous magazines like Entrepreneur, Business Insider etc suggest.

But then there are certain people whose 80% of lives revolve around their start-up. I know all start-up founders are workaholics but then there are some whose co-founders tell them that they mumble about business even while they sleep.

This set of people have different concepts for work and how they live their lives.

It’s TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) for them instead of TGIF and working feels like home to them.

If you belong to the world of entrepreneurship, there’s a chance you may know such guy/girl.

For them working against an impossible deadline or launching a new project is fun, but they don’t feel as comfortable working on regular daily schedules.

During regular work days, the time after coming back from work or at weekends is irksome or even uncomfortable.

Being one of those people myself, I can tell you it’s a problem. Everytime I come back, its lonely and sometimes even depressing.

I know that I can go out to have a drink or hangout with friends or family. But the problem is that I don’t drink and long working hours has left me with no friends in particular.

I read or watch videos most of the times but there’s often a limit to how much I can do that and I lately have begun to miss human connection. I don’t remember the last time I talked to a human who wasn’t either my employee, client or prospect.

And although it’s not something many people will openly accept in India, I have considered the option of having a relationship; but then, who’s got time to start that. Plus girls often don’t dig workaholic entrepreneurs.

Well, I guess that’s why you have religion, arranged marriages or meditation for.

They say you have to learn to be comfortable with yourself and all that but is there a limit to all this?

The worst part is when you begin to get afraid of being happy, because you fear that it’d not last long and that gloom would follow your happiness like a shadow.

It’s strange when you learn how to suppress any kind of happiness until you are neutral again. Call it neutrality or anything, it’s scary.

All you want to do them is to write an article like this to vent out (or seal) the upheaval.

I am sure no one will reach till this part of this story. ☺

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