Ayyub Abdul-Alim Needs to Fundraise

If you know the exhaustive work of organizing, you know of the work and high chance of failure that comes with much of it. We, his organizers (me included) can not fail Ayyub Abdul-Alim.

This is his teesprings campaign


Here is why you should donate to it:

“Ayyub Abdul-Alim is a Muslim Puerto Rican political prisoner. He was imprisoned under false gun charges after he refused to serve as an informant for the FBI. Son of a former Black Panther and Young Lord, Ayyub is still behind bars for refusing to turn against his community and values.

Ayyub in 2013 during his trial

We are launching this campaign to support him and his expenses. For donating to this cause, you will receive an exclusive t-shirt featuring Ayyub himself.

What expenses does Ayyub and his movement have?

  • Phonecalls: For him to make a phonecall from prison, he must pay $0.10 per minute, plus fees.
  • Lawyer Fees: Ayyub was once represented by a public defender, but has now moved to a private lawyer after the public defender treated his case poorly. He and his family are working to cover his expensive lawyer fees
  • Podcast Series: With much excitement, we have launched a podcast series featuring Ayyub himself: https://www.patreon.com/ayyubspeaks. He will be calling in weekly to discuss current affairs and stories from behind the bars. To keep this going, we must not only count with funds for the phone calls themselves, but we are working to
  • Speaker Tour: This fall, we are planning to have Ayyub speak in at different venues to highlight his case and the injustices he and others face due to the criminal injustice system, prison-industrial complex, anti-blackness, Islamophobia, and so on. To be able to achieve this, we will need to have funds to get him to call-in and send his supporters to locations around the United States.

Crucially, we are committed in giving Ayyub absolute control over all funds raised. He continues to fight with our support, and we support his fight with our work. Help Free Ayyub!” — Written by Xavier Torres