The preparation:

This sets the tone for every effective team. How well you have prepared will boost your confidence and help you deliver flawlessly.

  • Purity-

The one we worship is pure. We must desire to live a pure and Holy life. It is a requirement for the kind of ministry we are in. Without Holiness we cannot see God. And how can we worship a God we can not see or don’t know.

  • Planning-

Learn to be organized and not do things anyhow. God is a God of order. Most people don’t have a plan on how things are to be done. And failing to plan leads to time wasting.

  • Practice-

No one is perfect! The more you practice the more you become better at what you do. This helps boost confidence and makes you relaxed on stage. Simply because you know what you are about.

  • Prayer-

Key in building a spiritual team. Once people are spiritually in tune, the flow of the spirit becomes easy. The more prayer invested the more power is released.

The Performance:

This is not talking about putting up a show per say but emphasizes more on delivering on what has been done through out the preparation process.

  • Posture-

The right attitude or behavior. How we go about what we have been called to do. “A poor posture will always give a poor picture.” How you even stand can speak volumes before you even utter a word.

  • Position-

The role one plays in a team. Your responsibility! Know where you fit in the group and do as expected of you. Don’t be jumping roles and trying to be or do everything. Identify your unique place in the team and maximize your potential.


This simply refere to the skill expected of a person who is trained to do a job. Once you exhibit professionalism, you will always be respected. The way you talk, dress and conduct yourself as you go about your ministry.

  • Partnership-

There must be relationship, cooperation, fellowship and connection to build strong and unified body. You must decide to work as a team to achieve a common goal.

These are but a few of the many ways to build efficient and effective worship ministries. Add these to your list and it will go a long way to benefit you and your group.


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