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And you immediately discarded the rest of everything I expressed. Also, for no easily discernable reason you seem to want me to identify Kaepernick’s act as also “for shits and giggles”, also directly aggressive toward our leadership and civil order. These wild assumptions and auto defensive non answers only further signal an unwillingness to communicate.

How much more peacefully? How much more quietly and with non-threatening composure could someone have chosen to communicate their frustration? Will you or anyone who shares your stance answer with original and substantial thought or are your intentions to parrot the same empty rhetoric we hear on every division promoting thread these days?

To clarify, my personal goal is not to somehow “win” at this discussion. I’d much prefer to hear a viable argument to chew over and give honest consideration. Even a brutally honest answer like, “This train is simply not going to be stopped. Get on or be run over by it. It’s bigger than you. It’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than America,” would at least provide a reality to respond to and come to grips with.

We don’t all need to agree. We need only be reasonable together. Compromise is in order and precise clarification of American termonology. For instance is a patriot best defined as one who would not dare question and certainly never challenge our system? Or, is a patriot one who will labor for the health and security of their democracy on behalf of his or her neighbors and future generations?