Yes. And this is the whole problem. Which is why I said,

I agree- a grave disservice.

Some of us have tried to understand though, and certainly without agreeing or feeling like we were. I know many a Trump supporter from varying walks of life. I have not shamed or judged any of them. No matter what I’ve heard in my attempts to understand their viewpoints, I cannot agree with or even remotely pretend to comprehend their conclusions. I get fear. I get anger. I get big oil. I get money. Those things though for me could not outweigh decency.

I probably sounded on your post like someone who hates Trump supporters. Sorry for that. I respect a lot of people who went the way of Trump. Seeing smart, kind, socially responsible people support Mr. Trump is insanely disorienting. While I respect the friends, family and colleagues who do support him, I earnestly don’t believe there will be many conversions any time soon. People from all walks of life have already accepted his initial, blatant atrocities enough to elect him. They are not going to backtrack now. We’re past that point.

Trump’s supporters don’t see, believe, feel or care about the White Nationalist under (or over) tones. They don’t care about his taxes; they think it was pretty smart of him too. They don’t care about the young sex slave he’s been accused of raping and don’t want to discuss it. They don’t mind his pussy grabbing. They don’t believe any one of the women who came out saying he had sexually violated them could possibly be telling the truth. They don’t care about his crush on Putin, his call for Russia to infiltrate U.S. intelligence or his dangerous nuclear remarks. Even if he is known to screw over smaller businesses, even if he has filed bankruptcy over and over, even if he was recently accused of fraudulent business dealings with Trump U they believe he’s a great business man who will create jobs. The 75 legal actions currently pending against him, his decision not turn his businesses over to a blind trust, his desire to gain top security clearance for his children (WTF), his relationships with men like David Duke/ Brannon/Epstein do not bother them in the least.

What can we possibly say to them at this point that hasn’t already been said? What new understanding could we arrive at? We have cried, reasoned, listened, explained and hand delivered facts. They remain unmoved.

Sadly, I believe this snowball is fully in motion. It will not be stopped by our seeking to understand. There is nothing to understand.

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