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I get your stance, Brown. I earnestly do.

And, your disgust with a peaceful protest carried out alone, in silence, without any hint of aggression and then actual comparison of that act with this type of juvenile, socially aggressive, clowning of American leadership is incomprehensible and flat out irrational to some, including me.

Those men with their vile costumes for shits and giggles made pointed decisions to publically demoralize American leadership, promote extremist positions and tensions and made a further mockery of our already wounded governnment. After complying with stadium requests they were able to stay and apparently did not get harmed. They were not shamed or vilified by that crowd to the point of extreme discomfort or having to rationally fear for their safety. The one story I read seemed to state facts rather than biased opinions. The article was written in a tone that did not indicate condemnation from its author or the publication. Those men probably received a healthy dose of high fives, hell yeas and eagerly supportive grins. Their act of political dissent was also made at a football game but in a factually (as opposed to ideologically) vile and grossly disrespectful manner.

Where is the national outcry and collective judgement? Nowhere. Those men were perfectly comfortable mocking our active President and still living former 1st Lady & Secretary of State. Whether Obama and Hillary are decent honest people or simply puppets meant to distract us makes no difference. It is severely un-patriotic to mock our leadership since: A. We put them in those trusted positions. B. They also willfully shoulder the responsibility of prolonging and protecting our freedoms. C. They have absorbed our blame and endless critique without whining and without quitting.

America is offended to the point of violence and frantic aggression by an individual kneeling during a song meant to honor those who fought for us to remain free- an individual expressing the exact sort of liberty we say we’re defined by, the precise liberty we say so many did sacrifice to protect and the same liberty our anthem boasts. Obviously Colin Kaepernick took the anthem, declarations and sacrifices made too literally

Meanwhile, the nation’s majority is undisturbed by a couple of loosely aggressive cannons publicly demoralizing individuals currently protecting our freedoms. The nation also has not condemned or become enraged by the regular, wide spread online slander of current leadership by its so called “patriots”. 😕

Again, words like unfair or imbalanced fall incredibly short. We are forced to consider and make an effort to grasp the perspective of those infuriated by Kaepernick and BLM because their perspective is everywhere; being shouted, printed, chanted, endorsed and even somewhat imposed. On the other side, American citizens that do believe our system is gravely and fundamentally unequal cannot seem to buy real consideration of the issue. We can express a million, rational, well documented, respectfully stated facts in a multitude of impassioned and provocative ways; we will still be met with the same irrational, disinterested, group speak. The American majority does not feel obligated to listen to its fellow citizens yet they somehow possess the unobstructed right to be heard.

What will it be, America? Do we honor the dead over the living? Do we venerate songs and flags (inanimate representations and celebrations of American life) more than actual American life? Do we really stand for equality, all the time and generally speaking? Or, is our most honest mentality something to the effect of , ‘Run the ball we pay you to run, Boy, or else.’? Do we respect leadership only when we absolutely love and admire them? Do we listen only to ideas that in no way oppose our own? Do we value group think over think, think?

So many, including you, Brown, have labeled the Kaepernick protest as vile, evil and disrespectful while silently endorsing many other dangerous, un-American behaviors without so much as the batting a single eyelash.

Half of America actually believes it does not owe the other half rational answers, authentic consideration or basic decency.