Why I Feel Like Quitting America Today

Never been ashamed of America like this. This election is exposing all the ugly. Not only women but every non-white male demographic has been under attack in 2016.

Amidst the adamant insistence of well meaning citizens or “patriots” that America is not actually corrupt and we do not actually oppress or kill or demean or enslave people here; we’ve been forced to admit the exact opposite. Black males are being blatantly targeted by police. Mexicans along with all immigrants are being scapegoated as disease carrying, ill-intentioned, drug dealing, gun slinging, rape prone, national threats. Women are being attacked openly, from the public mocking of our First Lady’s ethnic appearance to the GOP candidate smugly labeling women as cows and dogs while his pending rape case (of a child sex slave) lingers in the background barely discussed. Meanwhile individuals willing to testify against the DNC’s candidate kept dying mysteriously. The absolutely damning corruption of our government has become well known/well documented/widely accepted. Bonus: At the worst possible time, social media has become inundated with unprecedented amounts of fake news reports. The most shame inducing revelation brought about by this distracting election though is seeing our American complacency, fear mongering and extremism on worldwide display as we argue like angry, demon possessed children over which grossly unqualified criminal candidate will best serve “we the people”.

Ashamed is an understatement.