My hope ( though it is mired in fear) is that as he continues to do nothing he said he would, those…

Sounds like a reasonable plan.

I hope for the best but tend to think anything may happen. This election wasn’t only characterized by Trump’s audacious shenanigans. Algorithms, Clinton’s known and also widely accepted corruption, the extreme rise of adult online bullying, Anonymous' involvement in U.S. politics, Russia’s odd presence throughout the election, the Dakota Access Pipeline, Black Lives Matter, Wikileaks, protests, Riots and flag burning are also (in my eyes) signs of some interesting things to come for Americans.

We owe our children the utmost, I agree. I won’t be giving up on anyone. I also won’t be wasting time trying to make sense of what is nonsensical. The way I understand it, Earth consists of the same energies it always has. We and our present circumstances are current manifestations of those energies. Taking these things overly personal seems dangerous and misguided. Spending time judging or hating individuals seems anti-productive. I plan to tread lightly and respectfully while adhering in as much as I’m able to my core beliefs.