My impression of Young Thug’s music video

Young Thug’s music video for “Power” has over 90 million views on youtube. The video accurately reflects how far his new-found fame has gone and how an artist as unique and eccentric as Young Thug has managed to integrate himself into mainstream society. I chose to review the video for “Power” because it reflects his eccentricity and the psychedelic features that he incorporates into his style. The video features mostly close-up camera angles with a constantly moving or shaking camera. The movement of the camera gives a more hectic and excited feel to the video. Young Thug also incorporates a wide array of special effects, often highlighting or contrasting the borders of the buildings behind him in regard to the sky. He also frequently changes the color of the sky and of the structures around him. The clips of Young Thug during the video are as strange as Young Thug himself. He is often dancing or incorporating futuristic aspects, such as riding a hoverboard. The setting is also varied, many times he is featured in a lower income neighborhood and the other times he is featured next to baroque stone structures. Additionally, Young Thug includes clips of himself playing basketball, although not very well. Perhaps he does this to add comic relief during his video. Young Thug ends the music video by displaying some very quirky dance moves that are definitely not typical of the hip hop artists today. By doing this, he ends his video in a futuristic style instead of copying other artists.

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