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Getting people to be interested in your product is hard so when they are taking the plunge and finally downloading your app, you don’t want to lose them.

How to make sure the user is completing your entire onboarding flow?

At Shine, we’re building a professional bank account for freelancers, so as our typical user can be a 18-years-old biker or my 60-years-old dad, we have to be both modern and traditional at the same time.
Throughout this article, I will explain how we’ve built our modern and classic onboarding with a 80% conversion rate.

I/ The App Store

First things first, making the user trust you even before downloading the app is a major onboarding step.

The first thing the user is going to see, even before your app store preview, even before the description is the rating. …


Arnaud Babol

JavaScript Lover • Building awesome product @shine_tools • Previously worked @efounders, @ciscoemerge, @OVH, @Geckoboard

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