Hello, I’m Open Source.

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. Call the shots, make the calls… you get the picture. This past July, I embarked out on a freelance career. I figured that starting out things would be slow and that I would have time to began my personal branding — market myself — creating a website — designing business cards — making a video of myself — THE WHOLE SHABANG.

That didn’t happen.

I got some phone calls that turned into gigs, that soon turned into consistent clients that became about two months of good work, good pay & fun travelling. I even had to upgrade.. yes “had to” upgrade my computer for a few projects. The old 2009 21" iMac just wasn’t going to do it. So I bought the cheapest 2015 13" MacbookPro and I’m taking it 0 to 100 real quick (It’s amazing what 6 years of technolgy can do!).

Anyhow.. something has just been itching at me so much.

It’s been on my mind 24/7.
I can’t sleep at night because I envision it.
I’m ready to work on it.
What you say?

Exactly. You would’ve even know.

It’s the fact that I badly want my website/portfolio/bio/blog/resume… etc etc etc!! Out there on the world wide web, but things happen and when a client has $$$ in their hands. That comes first. Period. Gotta help bring home the bacon.

A $30 Wordpress Site is Cheap.

…designing & coding your own website can take forever. Especially when you want it to be portfolio capable and also be a platform to build other websites on.
Just to say it I’m not going to be cheap with a $30 Wordpress Site.
So it might be another few weeks before my site is live.

So what is this blog really about? Well I’m…

…Open Source.

What this means to coders is that the code/project is open to the public and anyone can have there hands on it — if they wish.


I am available. Yes, I work — you pay —revisions are made — you are satisfied — then we celebrate with a beer or two at the end (or not if you don’t like beer, coffee and coffee cake work too).


Easy, I create things.

  1. With a camera — stills or video.

2. Through a program — Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Speedgrade.. you name it. — a graphic, a video, an illustration.

3. By collaborating with other creative people.

I’m an Open Source but not Free.

Open Source is free. I’m not. I work, you pay — the world becomes a better place. I don’t steal business from anyone — You scratch my back I scratch yours. Easy said, easy done. I work with people not for them.

In this creative Industry… people are always biting at each other’s throats. Trying to “out bid” each other, get this or that gig and in the end we all loose.

Let’s get down to it. You work with me and I work with you.

Let’s be creative together. Lets solve difficult problems.

Let’s help each other out and celebrate success.

Oh, by the way.

Welcome to my new blog. I’m currently coding my website — playing in repos & git. It’ll be up eventually — always changing the design and getting great critique from friends.

Check out my behance portfolio and some cool stills I took in Uganda.

Hire me & let’s have fun creating content!


— Aaron Baggett