How Aware are You?

Photo: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Do you see the words on the screen, or are you reading them?

Are you thinking about them as you see this print…Most of us live our lives; breathing, surviving but so unaware of our thoughts, our mind and body. I’m not even going to get into surroundings as that’s a whole other topic of it’s own.

Our mind. Our safe haven. You don’t need to be Einstein to realize the power of the mind. The mind controls our perception, which can impact our interpretation of reality. We all have our ways of viewing things. When we open an image, such as the one pictured above, immediately we see something. But what we see says a lot about what we think.

The mind and the body, two components of an individual that cannot be recreated. These two are so deeply connected in ways unimaginable.

  1. Only you control your mind.

Ever heard of the phrase: what you think, you become? Well I’m here to tell you, whoever “they” are may be right.

Your thoughts, they are you.

It sounds crazy to some, but your thinking affects your life in so many ways. It’s something so stressed about that as human beings, we often forget. And when we are re-taught this fundamental yet convoluted concept we tend to fall short.

If you’re like the rest of us, we tend to “what if” and fill our thoughts with discretions, fears, consternations that seem endless. We end up spiraling out of control. Infiltrating our minds with thoughts that could have easily been blocked out. But it’s much easier said that done.

What’s important to note is, these thoughts can be stopped.

What if You get sick, What if you get a million dollars, what if You don’t make it, what if this, what if that. The list is endless.

Fellow What “iffers” this ones for you. Have you stopped “iffing” and started doing.

A lot of us love to psyche ourselves out of doing things by what “iffing” and “guessing”. We create a trap only accessible to us only and this is deadly. For no one can stop you from feeling something, only you. People attempt, but it must come from within. These hindrances are what polluted our thoughts and they’re inevitable. But can be stopped


You can replace these thoughts with their counterparts. Don’t set high goals that cannot be accomplished and spend hours what “iffing” things that could go wrong, because most likely they will go wrong. The goal is just not attainable. Baby steps are crucial to mind development.

To be proactive with your mind and body connection, make a commitment to yourself and attempt it, if you fail, do it again. One commitment I tested personally was going a whole day with nothing but positive thinking. Not “happy go lucky” thoughts, and “yay life is great” because that would be unrealistic.

But I promised myself for a full day I would go about my day and not stress about situations beyond my control and be aware of my thoughts.

What you think affects how you feel, so think about that.

The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs…one step at a time. -Joe Girard