Movember Is On Its Way, and Here’s 5 Reasons Why We Care

With the infamous Movember only a few weeks away we’re reminded once again how cool mustaches look on 2 out of 5 of our friends. We also have to look at those doing No Shave November and see their partners’ faces as they wish they would shave. All this aside, Movember is rather important for a topic that doesn’t always come up at the dinner table: Men’s health. Why does Movember matter to men? I’m glad you asked.

Testicular Cancer Shouldn’t Kill Anyone

Testicular cancer shouldn’t take a single life in any country in which people have access to health care. It is very curable, as noted in the graphic above, if caught early. One of the challenges that men face lies in the fact that a lot of us don’t know to regularly check ourselves. In times of pain of the balls, we just say we got hit, slept wrong, our boxers are tight, anything we can think of to explain, in a normal way, why we have pain. Movember helps educate young men on what to look for, reminds us of the importance to check ourselves, and helps open up a conversation that could save thousands of mens’ lives each year.

Prostate Cancer is the #1 Diagnosed Cancer Among Men

Prostate cancer is one of the most dangerous and scary cancers for men. It’s not easy for us to notice in our daily lives, and even harder to check ourselves for. The jokes about the prostate exam are bottomless among each other, in television, stand-up, you name it. I’m in no way advocating to stop making jokes about it, because comedy is comedy and that’s something I really like. I am advocating, however, that we do help men of all ages to understand the difference between the jokes and the seriousness of the disease. Movember is a reminder that being a strong man includes having this unfavorable exam done regularly so we can fight statistics like these.

Men Are 4 Times as Likely to Commit Suicide

Men do more than lead the suicide statistics, they dominate these numbers. Men have stigmatized the idea of seeking help for things like depression, mental health, and other emotional disorders to the point of mass suicide rates. This has to stop. It is completely unacceptable for men to put other men in a position where they feel like they can’t open up about these things. It’s not weak, it’s not shameful, it’s not wrong, just talk to somebody. Movember serves the men of the world with the assurance that mental health is not something we take lightly, and someone is always going to be there for you. Even if you don’t have much family available or close friends, I promise you there are places you can go including contacting me directly via any of my social media. We will help you.

Men’s Health as a Whole is in Need of Improvement

We need to work on ourselves, and help encourage each other by setting an example. Men are at risk for a lot of illnesses, many of which are very fatal at times. We can’t keep losing husbands, sons, fathers, and grandfathers to illnesses that we can fight. Movember not only educates men and starts a discussion that is much needed, but it also raises money for those leading the world in research of men’s health issues and cures.

Mustaches are Cool, and the Culture of Men Could Use Some Cool

Mustaches are cool, usually, and the culture of men could use some mustaches and some cool. The Balanced Man, as an organization, seeks to accomplish two goals: Raise money to fight leading men’s diseases, and encourage men to live lives of integrity, acceptance, honor, and balance. We want men to embrace a culture of innovation and progress, while still upholding the positive standards of the traditional man. We shouldn’t be treating our marriages and relationships like our wives are beneath us and dependent on our care, but we should be holding standards of respect, honesty, transparency, and equality. Being a Balanced Man means accepting and embracing all religions, sexualities, races, backgrounds, and lifestyles as equal and defending everyone’s ability to live a fair and just life. The Balanced Man seeks to spread this message, and spread tips on dressing well, eating well, staying ahead of the curve on world events, cool technology, and what it means to be a man who does well for his family, his neighbor, his friends, his community, his world, and himself.