#WednesdayWisdom: Speaking Too Much And A Lesson From The East

The other day I was told by my girlfriend that I post too much on Facebook. Immediately I was on the defense because, well, sometimes you just have to try to win. It happens. She did, however, have somewhat of a point I guess. I’ve become a rather vocal and passionate Facebook warrior as a result of this election and to my friends and family, I’m sorry. I did, however, manage to learn a little lesson after thinking about what she said. Maybe I am speaking too much. Maybe I’m reaching out of my element at times, forcing it on people in some cases, and letting the situation get the best of me.

In Taoism we are taught the concept of Wu-Wei, which is the action of no action. I just twisted you up, but stick with me. There’s this principle concept in Taoism of being more hands off, and allowing the Universe to show you the way. We, in Western culture as a whole, build structures out of our beliefs instead of building roads. We create a physical barrier that represents our beliefs and we defend it, grow it, make it bigger, and ruin our neighbors’ good time every now and then. This is the result of achieving your evangelism through action, the action of speaking/posting/tweeting/snapping/etc… Is there a better way? The answer lies in a somewhat obscure concept that will make you say “Yeah, dude, duh” but really let it sink in.

Let’s revisit Wu-Wei, action without action. How in the world can I spread my message of change without action? How can I make a difference without spreading the word of my philosophies? Even right now I’m literally spreading an idea through action, which transgresses the whole concept here. So that makes this all really weird, but Wu-Wei shows us a concept that the Universe is on the right path, and we have to have faith in humanity and the powers behind the world. Some call this God, some call this The Way, others just call it coincidence. No matter what you call it, never forget that the world is doing what it is supposed to do, even when we don’t understand it.

In other words, imagine an asymptotic line eternally becoming closer to an axis without ever touching it. This is the world and it is always traveling closer to the axis which we will say represents all that is Good in the world. With action coming from all places, beliefs, and directions, we continue to set ourselves back from reaching this axis of Good. Without action we allow the natural cycle of the world to expose what is evil, what is good, and to show us the path of Good. It sounds crazy, but just look at the overall progress of the world from society’s beginnings to now. There is a constant movement towards the line we want to be on, but it isn’t always easy and it isn’t coming nearly fast enough.

So we don’t understand it, but the wisdom of this Wednesday is this: Act without acting, live without pushing onto others, just allow your natural self that is Good and Whole to represent your beliefs in a positive light. If you’re living right then your faith, beliefs, and ideas will always be represented well and respected. In all reality, isn’t that what we really want? To be respected, have a fair shot in the world, and be the best we can be. So the wisdom is not to speak too much, not to let your words run wild, to just have the patience, respect, and acceptance that will make this world take a nice step forward.

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