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Number of new undertakings increments in a Modern World. Every one of these activities needs advertising and advancement and their pioneers are prepared to compensate individuals, who enable them to add post to informal communities and gatherings, create configuration, influence video introduction, to welcome new individuals, look into ventures. Such action ended up pertinent together with advancement of cryptographic money. Abundance Hunters - individuals, who achieve characterized undertakings for getting benefit. Undertakings are unique and rely upon individual abilities (articles composing, outline, inquires about and etc. )

BountyHunters is an essentially reasonable platform that contains all current web based life systems and correspondence channels - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, online journals, gatherings and that’s just the beginning. We additionally enable you to make custom errands and battles for all influencers or target particular seekers.

This internet platform is developed for communication processes between executors and companies conducring ICO. First Bounty ICO marketing platform let advertisers and executors of their project work with each other freely. Advertiser and executor can see clarity and honesty via their multifunctional accounts.

Increment mark mindfulness

Essentially increment the quantity of individuals who think about our task or item, visit your site, leave individual contacts and read your internet based life content .

Access more than 28,000 pre-focused on influencers

Get quick access to more than 28,000 online networking experts overall who are prepared to team up and advance your image, share your news and make unique substance.

Advance promoting battles

Dispatch more straightforward advertising efforts from the outlook of ROI, CPA. Get explanatory information on each performed action and its effect on the adequacy of your organization's business pipe

Spend finances on important influencer activities

Abstain from spending stores on immaterial and low-quality exercises and replicated content. Stage calculations qualify our influencers and their social exercises to convey better outcomes and RIO Programmed following what's more, payout framework

Our framework consequently tracks activities and errand performed by our enrolled influencers.


Everybody could get profit by making good use for our platform. Here you can find task that suits your skills. For instance adding posts in social networks, conducting of meetups, shooting of videos, liking, commenting posts and creating videos OK n blogs, etc.

This is a great deal and will help the community grow bigger.

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About the author

Bounthhunter user name : Joseph555

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Telegram : @Seanpeter

Eth address : 0x81924D4Bc19d28Fc01C91605e35DC61f9EDd5dF1

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