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In most recent times, most occupation applications are made by sending CVs online to bosses or head-seekers. In any case, it turns into a titanic undertaking for the enrollment specialists to approve the accreditations specified and gave as supporting records. Along these lines, critical level of extortion has crawled into the enlistment inventory network with organizations confronting grievous results going from loss of profitability because of terrible contracts in the midst of increasing expenses.

Moved by this overall issue, our group is making Talentchain, a stage wherein Universities and Institutes will make, keeping up and issuing computerized testaments on the Blockchain to understudies. Each individual will have their own one of a kind carefully designed and confided in testament vault. Corporates can without much of a stretch check for validness of any person, subsequent to getting the essential consent for confirmation from this stage.

TALENTCHAIN is an real time ledger that records a person’s taking in travel from initiation to proper for an ability resource, in a way that fills in as a carefully designed aptitude archive. The resultant is a long lasting computerized international ID that stores scholarly declarations, aptitudes, supports, honors, identifications and acknowledgments of an individual be it an understudy or an expert.

Talentchain is based out of Malta. Their cryptographic money well disposed government makes a supporting spot for a Blockchain item like Talentchain to thrive and develop in generous extents.

The fundamental members of Talentchain remain to pick up in the beneath recorded ways :

Understudies/Employees – Verified Credentialing, Enhanced Placement, Learning Passport, Earn Revenue, Buy Online Courses.

Colleges/Institutes – Smooth Admission, Trusted Provenance, Brand Perpetuity, Earn Revenue, Intermediary Free.

Selection representatives – Transparent Hiring Process, moment Candidate Verification, Reduced Hiring Cost, Quality Hires, lessened Recruitment Time.

Empowering influences/Banks – Bridges Trust Deficit, Forms Transparent Ecosystem, Loan Eligibility Assessment, Builds Brand Image.

Talentchain aims to build an ecosystem of Universities, Corporates, Government Bodies, Notary and Talents for exploring, harnessing and benefitting from the decentralized properties inherent to Blockchain. A fair Talent Supply chain experience results, with every stakeholder making hadsome profits along the way.

The Private Sale is open to anyone who is a resident of a country in which ICOs are not banned.
Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of the US regulatory landscape, US residents are unable to participate in the Private Sale.

We follow standardised norms for KYC approval and verification. We have engaged a reputed and independent KYC verification partner to verify your KYC in line with International norms. In the unfortunate event of your KYC not getting approved, your contribution will be returned to your wallet within 30 days of the end of the ICO.

We’ll need a copy of your passport or Government approved Photo ID (This might vary based upon the residence country), along with a photo, which will be taken live during the KYC process. 
We reserve the right to request additional documents if necessary.

The minimum purchase limit is fixed at USD 100

The crowd sale ends by 16th Nov or whenever we reach our hard cap of $15 M, whichever is earlier.

To know more about our project and ico please visit below

Website : https://www.talentchain.com

Whitepaper : https://www.talentchain.com/content/White_Paper.pdf

Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4455785.new#new

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bountyhunters.io/

Telegram : https://t.me/icoreward

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