GTD-a4 :

All about movement

GTD alpha 4 has been released here. It tackles many things but the most important thing is about movement consistency.

GTD is all about movement. You move the task that you didn't want to work immediately to other section and you bring back the task that you want to do now to the main section. Because of this the starting date of the task play important role and must be handled consistently when moving from one section to the other.

Most of the changes are internal in the underlying process. But it changes a little bit of how you expect to interact from the previous application.

How things work now

Most things are basically the same

  • First, add the a task that you want to do with the + button in the right bottom corner.
  • You can add one or more tag for each task that you create
  • The task will be added to main task. The duration since the starting date of the task will be shown as a ‘ticking’ circle. It is color coded to let you know how long the task has been in the main section. This way you can keep track of the task easily.
  • When you’re done with a task, you can swipe the task to the left. It will be gone from the main task and put under the Done section.
  • If you have too many task or you decide that a task doesn't needed to be done right now. You can swipe that task to the right. The task will be put under the Remember Me section. And you doesn't need to be bothered with it again. Well at least not until you bring it back to the main section again. This way, only the things that you want to do right now, the things that occupies your attention is the things that is in the main section. Letting your brain free of other things.
  • You can edit and delete a task using the pencil and cross button at each task.

Remember Me

The Remember Me section works the same as before. It is dedicated as a place for you to store your non immediate thoughs and task. Swiping a remember me item to the left will bring back the task to the Main section. The task will be given a new starting date like it was a newly created task.

Previous Task

This is where the thing start to differ from before. First, each day your main task will be cleared. No task in it, giving you a fresh new start each day. All of your non complete task will be available in the Previous Task section. Swiping a task to the right will move the task to the Remember Me section. Where when the task is brought back to the Main Section from there it will have a new starting date.

Swiping a task to the left from the Previous Task Section will bring the task back to the Main section, keeping the starting date the same as before. This way if you keep bringing and old task to the Main section you will have a task that duration will span to multiple days.


A few stat’s receive some improvement too.


Activities now have 4 Rate/Ratio :

  • Completion Rate, the rate of how many task you complete/day for the past 6 days.
  • Completion Ratio, the ratio of how many Task was added to how many Task was finished for the past 6 days.
  • Average Completion Time, how many minute/hour it takes for you to complete a task.
  • Longest Started Task. The longest task that you have started but haven’t completed in the past 6 days.


Workloads add two more pie chart.

It shows the task in Remember Me section and Previous Task section grouped by their tags. This way you can compare your todays workload with the task in the Remember Me section. Giving you a general view of which tag need your attention the most.

The total number in the center of each pie will give you an estimation of how many task left that you need to complete. Or even to show you that you have too many task that you wanted to do. You can lower you brain burden by deleting some of those task.


Those are the major changes that can be seen directly by you as the user. On the previous version many inconsistence happens. When we use created date instead of the starting date.

Other changes that you will able to see :

  • Tags now shown in every section
  • You can undo a done task using the undo button. The starting date will be restarted. (might change)
  • You can see the created, started and finished date of a task in the Done section.
  • Correct ordering when bringing task to the main section, the task will go to the bottom.
  • Create a profile area in the navigation drawer.
  • Fix old task that still shows in the previous task section even after moved to the main section.

That’s it for now. Enjoys!

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