as much as knowing how to start, the better way to share the pros & cons is to share the experience…

  1. In term of pricing is more friendly. In AWS, there’s a lot price and packaging. You need to decide which one is the perfect one for you. This way, you get a server in the cloud, you decide how much CPU, RAM & Space you need, that’s it. Of course if you want to deploy a large app that scale big, you need load balancing, splicing, fail save etc. AWS have a better package and pricing. But not every one need that. For small to medium project i find it more simple and affordable.
  2. If you consider that on top of the local hosting services price (which i migrated from) it’s a huge gain.
  3. I haven’t done any dedicated testing, just from personal daily usage.
  4. Yes. You can consider it as having a PC/Server in the cloud. You still need to set some stuff. So what i did is i create one base image, where i setup the basic things i need like Java, MySQL, Apache, Firewals. And then back it up, so i can just create a new droplet whenever i need a new one, without having to create it from scratch all over again.

Hope that helps

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