I’m restarting our blog http://mreunion.wordpress.com/ that has been put in hiatus for 2 year and 10 months (yeah that’s the exact number). So I’m considering between stay at Wordpress or moving to Medium.

Here’s my consideration



  • People recommend it, very beautiful (Layout and Typography)
  • It lets you focuses on your writing
  • Collaborative writing (even when you’re still on the draft stage)


  • A little bit guessing with the writing tools (No bullet option in the menu, turns out you use + sign for that)
  • The empty screen when you start writing can be a little overwhelming. But i’ll get used to that soon



  • Multiple author. Since I wan’t other people to contribute their article too.


  • Well it’s Wordpress. It has defined blogging for a long time, but times are changing and it haven’t changed much to follow the new trends. I guess that’s always been the problem for the incumbent ☺

So it has been a wonderful experience trying to write this article on Medium. But i haven’t decided yet ☺

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