2face Idibia’s national protest against the Buhari led administration has attracted the support of governor Fayose.
 The Ekiti state governor Twitted yesterday, January 31, 2017 saying, that 2face has his total support.
 “To organisers of Feb. 5 “Enough is Enough” National Protest, you have my total support and I will be part of the protest,” he tweeted.
 In a live Facebook video on January 31, 2017, 2faceaddressed the nation talking about the reason for the protest.
 He had this to say,”I will no longer be quiet. My partners, colleagues and I have come together to create a platform for Nigerians to communicate their real pains to government at all levels in a peaceful and articulate manner with a view to getting lasting solutions to our problems.This march is about demanding that our leaders connect with all the people in Nigeria.”

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