Bernie Would’ve Won… And He Wouldn’t Have Been Much Better
Caitlin Johnstone

Great article, Caitlin. I recall, during the primaries, thinking through a lot of questions that, given the chance, I would’ve asked Sanders*. The query I still remember the most was:

“FDR is purported to have said, in response to a query about civil rights for African Americans, that he agreed with the questioner’s pro-civil-rights stances, but implored the questioner to ‘go out and make me do it’ — in recognition that his actions alone couldn’t accomplish that policy goal. What is/are the prime component(s) of your platform that will require ‘make me do it’ levels of mobilization?” [Alternative final sentence: “Now, I notice the inauguration is on a Friday, which would leave a weekend open for a prime mobilization opportunity around policy specifics; would you care to recommend which policy position of yours we should plan a post-Inauguration march around?”]

If Sanders had won, do you think policy rallies/marches would’ve been the way to go at grassroots mobilization? Or is that too moot of a hypothetical (as a media-industrial complex that would have allowed Sanders to win would be so drastically different in its receptiveness to populism/representation that it’s impossible to predict how un-Standing-Rock their coverage of, say, a single-payer march would be)?

*: back when I was choosing college/graduating highschool in ’11, still convinced of the mainstream misinformation that tech/computer science is an obvious net good for society [ignoring how our economy is nowhere near prepared for job loss due to automation, and how most tech innovation has a heavy helping of monopoly in its business model, etc], I was drawn to CA by the allure of Silicon Valley, and ended up growing enough of a root system prior to my doffing of my political rose-tinted glasses that I’m still here; the only time Sanders was close to where I live was for a stump speech rather than a Q&A.