“Yeah it does. Their platform is the omnicidal death cult of neoconservatism.”
Neoconservatism Is An Omnicidal Death Cult, And It Must Be Stopped
Caitlin Johnstone

“ the Democratic party has no platform besides being anti-Trump”

Lack of a platform is itself a platform; just as doing nothing/inaction is a choice among choices, a null platform is a policy position. The Democrats act like a springy tree in a rightward wind — they bend significantly towards the right’s demands when the right is strong enough, and if the right is weakened rapidly and significantly enough (‘08), they might bend towards the left for a short time, but their default position, their firm policy positions, are supported by a hard-to-impact root system, fueled by a manure pile of corporate donations & perverse incentives.
Remember, one of HRC’s responses to Trump’s slogan was essentially “America’s already great!”