Do you need a ticket for “that” event but is already sold out? Do you want to buy tickets for the best prices? Register in and choose the best deals from among the hundreds of offers available.

Currently incubated in Startup Braga, STICKET.IN is an online platform where users can post their tickets for sale, purchase, exchange and offer on events such as concerts, festivals, theatre, sports, etc.

The new online version was launched last week and can also be used on mobile devices. An app for iOS and ANDROID will be available for download by the end of August.

With 1 year of existence, STICKET.IN has so far more than 80,000 active members in various social platforms, they hold the largest portuguese group of secondary market tickets on Facebook ( and have more than 21,000 registered and active users in STICKET.IN have an investment fromLuxembourg Business Angels and are looking for new investors for investment rounds that will enable accelerated global expansion.

STICKET.IN provides a refund service that primary ticket sellers do not offer, therefore users don’t lose hundreds of euros when they cannot attend the event. STICKET.IN also innovates by presenting a format that bets on the aggregation and comparison of the best deals, making use of a simple, intuitive and social platform. It also makes a constant analysis of the interests of each users and friends to produce precise recommendations.

Contrary to what happens in the traditional markets, in STICKET.IN tickets hardly run out, simply because there are always sellers willing to sell their tickets.

On the way to Silicon Valley!

Following the strong growth in Portugal, of over 30% per month, STICKET.IN is now preparing to enter in the Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California, to work towards becoming part of the $15B value estimated American market.

For more information:

Afonso Barbosa / CEO
00 351 964 257 862