Future Media

If I saw an iPhone 30 years ago, I would have lost my mind. When I was five, I was getting yelled at for sitting too close to the black and white tube television while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

I have a girl who’s three now, and I can’t get her out of bed until she watches a video on my phone. She knows where to find YouTube, scrolls through her favourites and picks something.

The fact that a baby has this level of unlimited access to information terrifies me. It can only get faster from here.

In the future, I see more of everything. There will be restrictions and a lot more pay-per-view options, but I believe the true face of new media lies in communication.

I can already instantly communicate with the most powerful people in the world and with the right content I could change change their opinion. With the tools of communication becoming more and more powerful we will see growth in the power of influence.

More than ever before, the future will be decided by this influence. Everyone on our planet will be able to an instantly access information at the same time.

In terms of productivity and functionality, the faster, the better. The potential for misinformation causing disaster is very real as well.

In the future, I envision an information government which will mediate the media. The scary part of this vision is thinking about who will be in charge.

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