If you think differently, or don’t like their version of normal then they demonize you. They call you “negative" "absurd" or “toxic” or “miserable”😒.They accuse you of complaining. They’ll even call you mentally İLL. They used to lock people away in asylums for their failure to adhere to what everyone else deemed normal. That got too expensive, so now they just make you starve on the street. Some cities won’t even let you do that now. You have to starve somewhere out of sight. Why is empathy so hard for some people??😭😭İ don’t understand why??why?? I’m still tired and tired of people who think like that. Want to be ALONE FOREVER. Let’s give each other a break...maybe this is solution.



Zar men Ejeme.!

Bu günlerde näme üçindir bilemok,

Yüregim gowgalaly uryar basymdan

Bu günlerde näme üçindir bilemok,

Her geçen zenanda men sizi göryän.

Yylgyrşyñ aklymda, sesiñ gulakda,

Türkmen lybasly nalyñ gözümde

Watanymdan uzak bolsamda Eje!

Hemishe duyyan men seni yanymda.

Iysemde süyjüdir, şokolad, kemput

Señ tagamyñy tapyp bilemok

Görsemde düyşümde yylgyryan yüzleri

Señ mährem choyuñy alyp bilemok.

çeken suratym.