What’s happening with Europeans in the UK?
Eva Amsen

Yes, many people don’t realise how elaborate the process has become now, and it takes time to sink in. I would hope that the government would react, pressured by business lobby who already wrote open letter to Ms. May. I just hope that the regulations won’t get harsher before Brexit actually happens. I lived in the UK for nearly 11 years now, and the problem I’m facing is that I didn’t have European Health Insurance at the University. It’s shocking that the Supreme Court set up the precedence ruling in favour of this rule. Having complementary NHS in the UK was definitely creating a misconception about any need for additional health insurance. It seems that having cheap labour paying taxes was ok, but apparently loads of people who got higher education here (sometimes for free) are now facing the issue. I can only hope changing awareness of this will help push the government in the right direction.

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