RED January Day #8

We are already a week into RED January and it has been a great week so far, lots of miles covered and lots of positivity from other ‘REDers’ on social media who have been walking, running and completing HIIT sessions as part of their RED January. With that in mind, I decided to take a break from the running today as my legs were feeling the past 7 days. My activity today was a brisk mile and a half walk to school and back to pick up Mini B.

My post on Saturday about Parkrun has proved popular and got me a mention in the run report for Burnage Parkrun last week, have a read ( Speaking of Parkrun I wanted to recommend a podcast that I listen to on the way to work. ‘Free Weekly Timed’ is presented by Vassos Alexander of BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show fame and includes lots of tips and anecdotes about Parkrun, it is well worth a listen

Stats so far; Days 8, runs 8, walks 1, miles 27.6, steps 80,856