Growing the Next Generation of Women in ICT and the 2020 Roadmap

The Moldova ICT Summit, the biggest tech event in Moldova bringing together businesses, government and civil society sectors using technology to enhance productivity, educate society through tech-enabled program, hosted a session on “The Next Generation of Women in ICT”.

The session brought together initiatives such as GirlsGoIT and Technovation Challenge in Moldova that are driving girls interest to pursue IT careers through developing web and mobile app solutions for social development. During the session, participants shared their testimonials on how the programs have boost their confidence and have enabled them further their education and career development in ICT. In addition, it has also encouraged to give the opportunities to girls in their communities to acquire IT skills by being ambassadors of GirlsGoIT in their cities.

Empowering Women and Girls in and Through ICT: The 2020 Joint Strategic Roadmap

During the session, we had to opportunity to briefly present the joint strategic plan to empower women and girls in Moldova, in and through ICT. The joint meeting was organised in January 2016 understand what actors in the field of women empowerment are doing and our we are develop a workable mission for economic empowerment of women and girls by 2020 through ICT.

As a result of the joint meeting, we identified 4Es action strategy which are; Entrepreneurship, Education, Employment and Equality.

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