Tech to End Domestic Violence Against Women in Moldova using SMS Services, Mobile and Web Application

A prototype of a community and how different actors and public institutions can be engaged at the UN Women office in Moldova

The image you have just seen above is not the end-game idea, its breaking down complexity into simplicity by identifying various actors, decision makers in a community and how their roles can be define to end domestic violence against women in Moldova.

The ambition to end domestic violence against women in Moldova is still at its incubating stage. Our first meeting with key actors shows that its an ambitions worth striving for and most importantly, achievable at every means as long as we collaborate to work towards the mission.

Program Specialist of UN Women, Corneliu Eftodi explaining to Moldcell staff about

We also concluded that the first action towards developing a concrete project towards mission is to engage girls that will be participating in the second edition of GirlsGoIT summer camp. One of the girls team in the camp will work on developing a web and mobile solution to end domestic violence against women in Moldova.

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