Transphobia & Fake News: An Agenda of Ignorance & Hatred
Debra Lobel

I have to recommend and comment on this post, if for NO other reason than to promote “real news.” There is a much better reason, though, and I’ll share that with you after a quick op-ed on headlines.

We all get frustrated when we see headlines that skew the truth on topics about which we are familiar. It’s how they sell their product. Boring headlines don’t sell papers or computer clicks. Since you and your wife are both female and your daughter is transgender, your story hits the jackpot for interesting /salacious LGBTQ headline bait. It makes those of us in the community interested in learning more about your experience. It also gives those who are convinced that the LGBTQ community is work of the antichrist another pulpit-pounding example of our immoral hell-on-earth.

But — once we (who are sincerely interested) get past that mess, we discover a couple whose love is not limited by social barriers. Your love for each other and your daughter seeks out the spirit within. Thank you for living and sharing a story of deep love and compassion.

It encourages us all.