If only…
Rochelle Johnson Âû

One of the benefits to our U.S. Toddler-in-Chief’s temper tantrum toward the transgender military service is “visibility.”

I do donate to the National Center for Transgender Equality, but that’s just a monetary thing. What I find as a small, but important thing to do is to simply “be visible.”

Today, for instance, I wore a red top, blue skirt, and white shoes for a short shopping trip to the mall. I could’ve done a quick “in and out” to make my purchase, but I made a point to walk around the entire stretch and even straight through the food court. Later, I had dinner alone at a local restaurant.

Most people really don’t pay attention — but to those that do, it puts reality in their face.

I also attend a small church, and though I’m not well-connected to it, people have begun expressing an interest in understanding my journey.

Step by step, we will continue to make progress for equality, just as all others who’ve been discriminated against in the past.

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