Damn… that is pretty much what I am.
Татьяна Симонова

Tatiana, thank you for your empathetic reply. I certainly don’t wish the lack of ability to “know” what makes one happy upon anyone, but there is comfort in knowing “I’m not the only one.”

Like you, I’ve read books and articles about setting goals and pursuing dreams, etc. I find that I start things well (writing books, creating a home business, drawing cartoon strips, developing training apps, etc.) but often either abandon or defer the dream because I lack what I call the“love passion” that I need to do it.

I’ll offer this insight: I don’t think it’s so much that I don’t know I want as it is a matter of being able to be passionate enough to love and affirm ME and MY dreams over those of others, especially when they appear to need my help. Because of course, “If I help them, they will say nice things about me,” and “If I pursue my dream when others want something, that makes me selfish.” Both are lies, but both are hard lies to tear off my soul.

That may or may not be the answer … but it’s what I’m working on.