Oh, White Women
Farrah Bostic

You did an amazing job of painting white women in the context of our current society. I don’t typically read longer articles to the end, not so much for lack of attention-span as a lack of provocative thoughts carried through to the end. You had several.

The “thin” factor, or what I’ll generally call feminine attractiveness has long been, and continues to be, and will likely long remain a reality of being a woman in society. I believe there is a primal-brain factor of women=attractive and men=strong that perpetuates our species. Now, that doesn’t mean we should through our hands up and say, “Oh well, it’s genetic, so screw our higher brains … and while we’re at it, would you like to engage in some bedtime biology?”

No. We need to work at believing women are more than their beauty and men have more to offer than “strength” in whatever context that is taken.

I was impressed at how you used advertising as a social lens of women and then moved it to the current political state. I see many comments accused you of whining about the election loss. Whatever.

The reality is that the last election was historically significant, and would’ve been regardless of who won it. The McCain-Palin v Obama-Biden election was the same. Since it is historically significant, it is to be expected that we will rehash and review the election itself, the social connotations, and how our country is responding to how a real estate magnate/reality TV star governs our country.

Thanks for an interesting read.

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