The social and political engagements among various Iranian ethnic groups during the past hundred years have led to deportation and division instead of unity.

The people of Lor have suffered more from this exile and division than other ethnic groups due to their attachment to their great cultural roots.

The result of this geographical fragmentation and ethnic pluralism is the kind coexistence of the Lor and Arab people, emphasizing cultural commonalities in the northern area of Khuzestan.

Good neighborhood and cultural exchange have created a single culture for the people of this region. And the result of these relations and…

Revealing the new logo for my cultural and non-profit activities in Persian! ‏

Atarod is the Persian name of Mercury; so, Atarodvar (Persian: عطاردوار) mean “Mercury-like”. I’ve loved and followed fact-checking as long as I can remember.

If you have participated in one of my tours, you might know how I’m used to explain things by simplifying them and telling you the facts and stories. ‏

Even telling a fiction, I’m just a story-teller and you may never feel I’m pushing you to believe it! ‏Mercury is the symbol of knowledge and fact-checking in Persian literature and Sufism culture. I’ve chosen this as my nickname, looking for learning and exploration, just like Atarod — Mercury‌

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I always had the idea of the podcast and explaining the information I give in the tours, but I was afraid to do it because of my English knowledge.

The Irish traveller who gave me this idea told me that the content is more important and people will understand my English. After a year of thinking, I got to the point of starting. This podcast is about Tehran, transportation, food, culture and the prices in Iran.

In the first episode, I talked about the visa and why you should visit Iran. I hope it’ll be helpful for you and you enjoy it

To find me, In your podcast application just search “travel to Iran”. More information and contact, send an email to

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At a conference about the future of blogging in Iran, I talked about the value of content and how we can use more professional contents in Iranian blogs for example for increasing shopping rate and attracting more user and the need of this kind of contents in the Persian language.

Also, I asked Mr. Abbas Abdi, the researcher, the reformist and social activist in Iran “what we should do with Trolls of the Internet and their rude comments?” and
He told me: “Actually, They are terrorists and don’t have any identity because they don’t accept any responsibility for what they…

I’m Abbas and live in Tehran. In September 2015 I started Free Tehran Tour project. Now I want to share the history of this project with you.

Beta: Free Tehran Tour

Back then I just design ed a pamphlet paper and handed it out at meetings with travelers. You can see this pamphlet in it’s original design at my Persian site (

Version 1. Free Walking Tours Tehran

In April 2016 I registered a .ir domain for my project, and used Tumblr as a content provider. I got a good rank and one traveller from Netherlands (called Heleen) taught me about the concept of Free Walking Tours. …

Abbas Malek Hosseini

‏Creative Writer, Guide of Tehran tours and, E-Commerce manager ‎@NasleNowAndish book publishing. Contact to | Photos:

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