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Until a few months ago, the word MutationObserver was still unknown to me. Through this article, I would like to share my discovery about this DOM API.

Why and what’s the use of the MutationObserver ?

Websites user interfaces evolved a lot. A fast, dynamic and personalized website has become essential to create unique value and give the best experience possible.

The feedback given to the user through interaction with our website became so important that we had to find clever ways to play with the DOM without destroying performance.

Yes, working with the DOM has a cost, so we have to be careful. One of the answers to…

Ingonyama bagithi baba

In this article you’re going to see, in a simplified way, what’s hidden behind Redux and store creation.

Before continuing to read, you need to have a minimum knowledge about Redux and Redux application creation

First of all, a reminder is required.

This library allows you to have a predictable and immutable state container at your disposal for your JS application. Be careful though, it is not preferable to use Redux in any situation, even if it considerably improves the organization of the state of this one. …

Golang introduction : go routines and channels

The go language (or Golang) was created by Google in order to make development easier and more accessible. It’s a strongly typed, compiled open source language.

One of the main advantages is the intrinsic management of concurrency achieved thanks to specific features I am going to detail in this article : routines and channels.

Go routines are functions or methods that will be executed in concurrence with each other.

Before going further, let me make a brief aside to explain the difference between concurrency and parallelism. Actions executed in parallel are independent from each other while if they are executed…

This article suppose that you’re not new to Elm, so if it’s the case, I recommend you to start with the guide of Elm-lang, or this website Beginning Elm.


When we speak about frontend source code architecture, we refer to MVC, or MVVM. Elm’s pure approach to MVC is far from that known in ecosystems such as Angular or React. In order to dive into it, you need to separate the MVC concept and the notion of components.

But at Elm-lang, it’s stated :

What happens when Post.estimatedReadTime is used in both the update and view functions? Totally reasonable, but…

En novembre dernier, Adrien C. et Sacha ont participé à la 10ème édition de la conférence Web Summit, référencée comme étant la meilleure conférence tech au monde. Les personnes présentes étaient principalement des PDG, notamment membres du Fortune 500 ainsi que des fondateurs de startups venus des quatre coins du monde.

Nous vous proposons un retour sur les conférences qui les ont marqués.

Hacking public speaking — David Nihill (FunnyBizz, Founder/Author)

David Nihill, auteur de “Do you talk funny ?” nous a expliqué quelles techniques utiliser lorsque l’on doit parler en public et convaincre ce dernier. S’exprimer à l’oral et faire comprendre son message au public, comme…

Bonjour à tous ! 🐝

Vous en entendez parler depuis un petit moment à travers nos réseaux sociaux mais… On s’est dit qu’un article serait bien plus explicite pour vous présenter notre Startup Studio Abbeal Valley !

Commençons avant tout par des présentations ; dans cet article, la parole sera donnée à :

Sébastien (L.) et Bertrand, les deux co-fondateurs d’abbeal,
Charlotte et Sébastien (Q.), les deux porteurs de projets de l’édition 2017,
Adrien, l’homme multi-casquette,
Ainsi qu’Antoine et Alexandre, les deux développeurs.

Maintenant que vous connaissez les bases, place aux questions !

C’est parti !

C’est quoi Abbeal Valley ?

B : Abbeal Valley est un programme…


Abbeal est une communauté d’apicodeurs partageant leur savoir faire autour des stacks modernes.

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