a random top ten combo of loves and hates. you be the judge as to which is which.
  1. Sitting down at my computer to write a top ten list and drawing a complete blank. (All day, I swear I was inspired by the heavens with fodder for this post.)
  2. Ordering roasted beets on my expensive salad and getting what looked like (raw)beets straight from a can, circa 1945.
  3. Waking up in my suburban neighborhood to run at 5:00 a.m. Hearing sirens and (literally) gunshots in the distance just as I was about to leave. (I still ran.)
  4. Bluebloods on Netflix. Gave me the lingo to describe what might be happening in #3. Told running partner that the “perp” might be on the loose, so we best be on the lookout.
  5. Being able to exit immediate urban jungle on said run, and witnessing sunrise over lake on first day of summer.
  6. Podcasts. All varieties. Playing in my ear throughout the day, teaching me everything from conversational Spanish to personal finance to plant based cooking.
  7. Orange Theory Fitness. Who knew torture could be such a great workout and so much fun?
  8. Amazon Prime and it’s swipe feature. A dangerous combo that delivered hip sandals to my door, just 18 house post-swipe.
  9. Half off bottles of wine on Wednesday nights at bar two blocks from my front door.
  10. Summer nights with crickets, trains, and cool breezes outside my window.
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