To be stressed

Wow. Stress bites me in the bottom every time it comes around, and no matter what i do, i can never seem to handle it properly.

What I am realizing though is that I am never going to be able to control the challenges that towards me, but what I can is control how I react to them.

And so now that I know that I have big tests coming up, lots of activities, and forever and always, homework, I have become good at declaring time for myself to relax. Whether this time is spent knitting, reading, listening to music, eating, cooking, laying in the grass, crafting, or just sitting there, it is time that I dedicate to not doing anything but helping my sanity.

What I also have to constantly remind myself is that there are bigger things in life than the next test, or the impatience I have with someone. Life is more than all of my worries and stresses. Life is all about being able to feel the wind and appreciate it, it is about stepping off the side walk to crunch the leaves, it is about loving yourself and loving others. By reminding myself of the bigger picture of life, I alleviate some of the stress that I burden myself with.

I have to accept the fact that there will be stress, and stress isn’t always bad, it allows me to be challenged and then grow from it.

For some reason the scene from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s movie New York Minute just came into my mind. It is a scene where they are both rushing to make it to an event important to their individual purposes, yet along the whole crazy route they decide that they were really only looking for their friendship again. But it took them to have a horribly wrong day to realize their love. Sappy and awesome, and I still love them.

Anyhow, the main point is that I’ve got this, and you’ve got this. Life can throw some pretty wicked curveballs at us, and to be honest, even the slow-pitches can throw me off balance. So just know, that it all gets better. Life is way, way too beautiful to get caught up on a small worry.

Here is a happy caterpillar to remind you that you are beautiful, and you are loved.

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