I basically grew up in the Church.

I know know for certain that there are many people like me, who are really tired of looking for something in a system that says they’re openly providing something that I need, and then being let down- over and over.

I know there are people like me who say they are a part of a “church family” but still feel unknown or unseen.

I know there are people like me who’ve been hungry for disciplship or guidance and have not recieved it.

And I think I know why there are so many people like me.

It’s because we’re going to church “services”.

Sure, for all you primary-audiotory-learners out there, church is a great way for you to grow and learn and see things more clearly. I could be one of you.

But for the other parts of the “body” we need to learn in other ways. Ways that are little bit more messy and hands on. Ways that are visual examples of what living like Christ is like.

Going to church can be incredibly detaching for those of us who need more than a sermon-service.

I’m at the age where everything is an obvious crossroad. “If I go this way, then I can’t go that way.” And most the time I don’t know what I’m doing. I know there’s good in me to do great things, but I don’t have the faculties to manage the pressure of my own lifetime and all that I want to come of it.

I need counsel. I need people who know me. I need people who are serious about this “family” thing. I need people around me who are good at managing their own lives. People who have other people pouring into them. I need people who are safe. People who are open minded and free. People who are doing what they love, and are risk-taking for it. I need those people.

I don’t need anymore sterile church “servicing”. I need Jesus.

I’m so thankful to have a community whose lives are tethered to mine. A community that, if gone missing, I would have to drop everything to find. I’m so thankful for the old-experiencial wisdom that kindalls a fire under me (instead of quenching it). I love being surrounded by counsel. Like living in a valley surrounded by mountains that look after you. Like big brothers and sisters.

I think that’s what church services might be going for. Just find that thing before all else. Find your people. Practice longevity. Build history. Earn trust. See and be seen. And run with it.

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