I don’t think I need to be an added voice to the millions of voices who’ve added to this subject. But what I can say is that we don’t need any more programs or purity rings or promises. We just don’t.

The first and main thing we need to be aware of is that we’ve been given a sex drive. That we have a reproductive system, and it talks to us all the time!

To ignore this is really dangerous.

So step one: acknowledge that there are parts of you that actually exist and that really, really want to have sex with someone.

It’s real. And it’s there.

The next step is this: respond to your sex drive the way you think you should. Respond to according to the “story” you want to tell of your life.

I’m not going to try to tell anyone how to handle their sex drive. But I do want to empower people to be aware and make conscious decisions. To “fall into” a situation that you could have complete control over can be a hard one to stand back up from.

If you want to have fun, casual sex, then go at it! That works for some people. However, if you’re a person of some particular conviction, or are trying to have healthy, sustaining relationships where physical intimacy is grown (not forced) and matured into than respond accordingly.

Tell your sex drive “Not now, but thanks for asking.” Or “Alright sex drive, let’s do this safely”. Or “Hey sex drive, we’re going to go climb a mountain today instead.” Point being- be aware and be in charge of this beautiful, beautiful thing. It can make or break you if you’re not thinking about it ahead of time.

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