I didn’t belong in tech.

I have a unique history myself…a very creative individual who was good at math in school I was pushed into Engineering which was soul crushing. I got out of that and tried Air Traffic Control but the people who work there made the environment toxic with their entitled attitudes. I got out of there too. I felt like I might just be a quitter until I started working with kids. Worked as a nanny for 12 years(!!) but was always the technical person in my family, making websites, etc. When I started to burn out I explored my options and discovered an iOS bootcamp. Did that and am happily in a new career now. I’m a creative individual and am also a painter. No way to earn a real living off of that but this is a pretty good alternative. I wrote an article about career changes and there are others with stories like ours. For example one person was a photographer and then came over to tech. It’s a great article because it includes quotes from people about how they feel and I share it with new developers all the time so they know they are not alone…these are normal fears and they’ll be fine! https://metova.com/blog/culture/so-youre-thinking-of-making-a-career-change/

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