Don’t Follow Your Dreams

Don’t do it. You can’t do it.

You won’t be able to achieve your your dreams if you don’t try. Many people won’t achieve their dreams of they do try -

They give up, or they don’t try hard enough, or maybe, just maybe, they believe a click bait title on a 19 year-old’s piece that tells them they aren’t enough.

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Don’t follow your dreams.

Believe in your dreams.

Work for your dreams.

Achieve them.

If someone thinks you can’t do it, what do they know? You are the only person who truly knows what you are capable of.

Also, work towards your dreams! They aren’t going to magically come true princess. You won’t have a small loan of a million dollars show up at your doorstep one day.

You train for that marathon, or educate yourself and get that degree to be a doctor. You practice, practice, and practice for that skill.

They say 10 000 hours makes someone a master, so stop slacking, and start now.

Now I’m not saying you run a marathon today, but maybe walking or running would help if that is your goal.

There are people that achieve their dreams, goals, and aspirations, and they put every ounce of their being into it. They do anything they can to stay connected to that one thing that gives them joy. It’s their goal soulmate. Their goalmate.

So do like Rihanna says: work, work, work, work, work.

And as Steven Tyler says: dream on.

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My dream:

  • I want to do improv and sketch comedy. It may not be my main source of income, ever, but that is what I want with my life so I will do it. I also want to write, as you may be able to tell. All in all, I want to be a storyteller I think.
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