The Blender

Personal Selection:

I selected the blender because I use one very regularly. I love making my own smoothies because it’s cheaper than going to a store like Smoothie King, and I know exactly what’s in it. It’s quick and easy and perfect for a college student who wants to eat fruit regularly.


Stephen Poplawski was the first person to have the idea of a blender. He started by putting blades at the bottom of a container. He wanted to create the blender to “revolutionize American drinks.” The Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company manufactured his design. Fred Osius, one of the people who made the company, decided to try to recreate and make Poplawski’s design better.


The function of this object is to blend food items, you could say it is a form of cooking.


Anyone old enough to use basic kitchenware like a toaster or a microwave can use a blender. There are lots of possibilities of what kind of drink the blender can make, meaning people of all ages can enjoy it. Kids can make milkshakes for dessert, young adults might use it to make fruit smoothies for a healthy lifestyle, and older people can make drinks with added protein and fiber to meet their nutritional needs.

Materials + production:

Typically, the container you put the food in is made out of clear plastic or glass so you can see through it and know how blended the food is. The blades are on the bottom of the container are made with metal to efficiently chop up the food. Blenders are mass produced and can be found in stores everywhere, because they are so commonly made.


The visual form of a blender makes it easy to understand how to use. The container is shaped like a cup so you know that you put the food in it to make your drink. There is a lid that obviously covers the top of the container. It plugs into an outlet and usually has only one or two buttons with words or pictures on them, making it easy to figure out how to use.


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