Bésame unas mas. Bésame hasta siempre.

When you kiss my hand, though it was as swift as a blink of an eye, I feel like time stands still. As you still hold my hand just after parting your lips from it, I am lost in a state of wonder. In such state, I am breathless. In a moment that seemed forever, I was yours and it felt like, you too, were mine. I wish a blink didn’t mean shutting and re-opening our eyes. Because at that moment, I wished I didn’t have to close mine. I was in a scene I could watch all my life. But as blinks were designed to be fast enough to kick us back to attention in a snap, in a fraction of a second, the kiss is done, the moment is gone and you were no longer holding my hand.

Te echo mucho de menos, mi amor.

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