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You’ll Change Your Mind
Ariel Bethencourt

Like this is a problem, right??

I remember when I was in relationships during my teenage years, I imagined having kids with then boyfriends… forcibly imagined my future having kids. And it was actually difficult. Deep down something felt … not right. Like the idea is not fitting. I found it really hard to envision my future self as a mother. But I did that whole “imagining your future family” thing because I thought it’s what people (especially ladies) do — should do and naturally do.

Although, I did get fascinated with the idea of being a single mom some time when I was in college. But I guess that’s just because I’ve seen a lot of movies that time where single parents and their kid had great relationships.

I’m 25 now and single. Whenever I think about the concept of procreation, the idea still doesn’t seem to blend well in my future. While I’m journeying along the road to adulthood, I have discovered lots of personal reasons why I shouldn’t have kids. But at the end, the very basic one boils down to it not feeling right for me.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I admire women like you who are very upfront and steadfast with their principles.

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