Reimagining SeaWorld — An Open Letter to the New CEO
Kimberly Ventre

TAIJIWORLD Re-imagining SeaWorld

Here is a sectioned off part of the cove but it is quiet enough for you to see the potential it could have a a tourist resort with FREE dolphins VISITING on their migratory way.

Partly sectioned for capture but potential as tourist resort for FREE swimming dolphin all open watching is obvious.

This can be a VISION of the FUTURE. Can we make it happen.

SeaWorld could partner with Taiji.

LIKE WHITE WASHING DIRTY MONEY.Not unlike taking Michael Vick’s dog killing kennels and turning them into a rescue Good Newz Rehab Center FKA Bad Newz Center when Vick owned it.

I say this because so many feel that turning TaijiCove into TaijiWorld where dolphins swim FREE would be too tainted by its bloody past.Taiji may not be remorseful now, but they will be when they can go out in pleasure sailboats (quiet) to watch them, even book bets on a white one on Tuesday!

Eat in restaurants with glass walls, swim with them like the dog swims with a FREE dolphin who comes FREELY every day — sometimes multiple times a day — to swim FREELY with a friend, take him for a ride!

Are there Japanese animators out there who can make a little movie to promote this vision of the future? Where we only watch them migrate, film them, swim with them if they want to, (swim with my dog who would love to)smile for my camera.

We can make this happen. Japan will make money, far more than selling dead carcasses and turning live ones into a lifetime of slavery for dumb, stupid, boring tricks.

They are capable of so much more. A friendship with a dog, returning mulitple times a day to be with a friend of a different species. Maybe one might love you that much at the cove named TaijiWorld.

FREE dolphins would then be normal for the future and all imprisoned ones would be vilified. Like seeing child slavery is. Or sex slavery of women.

Or any kind of slavery.