So I’ve never really been good at keeping goals… Ever since I was little and we made goals in class-like get 8 hours of sleep, and organize homework. I’d write them in my little planner, get all excited about them, then get home and eat ice cream and watch cartoons. Needless to say, that all carried into my adult life. I would get all pumped about new goals I was making, and then do great for about three weeks…then just sort of… stop. There was never really any reason for not carrying out my goals, the hype just sort of fizzled…along with my motivation!

Well this past summer I got pretty good at making and keeping my goals. In fact, I was sort of rockin it. I was pumped and super pleased with my progress with everything I was accomplishing! It was awesome! Then… I got married and the fizzle happened again. I don’t blame it on the marriage! Getting married has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I blame it on getting comfortable. My routine changed and I settled into a new one that didn’t require as much effort or umph on my part. I also had some big girl decisions I needed to make about the direction I wanted my professional life to go. Basically, the fizzle happened and I once again found myself doing less than what I know I’m capable of.

With the New Year just around the corner I decided NO MORE! I’m going to rock this goal thing once again and actually start to see changes! But the thought hit me… why wait until January to start? And that brought me here…

A couple things I’ve learned about myself in this goal keeping process. One: If it’s not written down somewhere that I will see it everyday I will forget about it. Tonight is actually the first night I sat down and wrote, with a pen and paper, some goals I have. Then I taped those suckers to my wall right next to my bed so it’s the first thing I see in the morning. Second- I have to find the WHY. If I want to start meal prepping for at least four meals a week, I have to find the underlying WHY. Is it to get healthier? Lose weight? Clean up my eating habits and get a six pack? The six pack thing might be a bit of a stretch, but you get my point. If I just say I’m going to meal prep, I need a reason, or else I won’t commit to doing it. So, I write my goal, AND my reason underneath it. Maybe everyone does that and I’m just the last person on the planet to figure that out?

Anyways, the first few goals I’ve written down are fitness goals. I also found that if I try to shoot for the moon too fast I get overwhelmed and just stop all together. So, I am going to start with fitness goals first. Then I’ll probably add some more mental health goals in there, like mediating every day or waking up before the sun and doing yoga. I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m taking it one step at a time because I think that it will help me more than trying to pile everything on at once. I’m just starting with the thing I want to kick into motion first.

I also think to help hold myself accountable I am going to start keeping track of my progress at the end of each week. So… I guess that’s why I’m starting this blog? So unless whoever is reading this decides to be a meanie (that is, if anyone actually reads this!) i’ll return and report every Sunday. Wish me luck!