So turns out i’m not very good at this whole blog thing! Hahah, I meant to check in every Sunday, and here it is Tuesday and I’m just now logging on! Oh well, in my defense this weekend was crazy packed. SO many family birthdays….

Anyways… as far as my goals go, I’m happy to report that I sorta kinda don’t suck and managed to meal prep last week! Well.. I meal prepped my breakfast, because that seemed to be the one meal I either skipped or just ate whatever we had in the pantry. Coco crispies you give me life. So I found a recipe online for breakfast turkey patties. They actually turned out pretty good! I’ll see if I can find the recipe and paste the link here. Turns out though you are supposed to freeze them pretty soon after you cook them.. or else they go kinda bland…. so… my bad. But we are learning together, right?!

I wasn’t as pumped with the turkey breakfast patties as I was the simple fact that I made a small goal and actually kept it! Even if it didn’t turn out 100 percent the way I wanted to, it feels good to accomplish something, even if it seems super insignificant. At the end of the day, I really think it’s the small things that keep us motivated and going. Often we want to make drastic changes in our lives all at once and try to reinvent ourselves over night, I know I do. Unfortunately that usually doesn’t happen, it’s not human nature to really burst out of our comfort zones in one go. We like where it’s warm, comfy and simple. So lets celebrate the little things! Lets continue to say kind things to ourselves and be proud of the little accomplishments, because over time those little accomplishments build up and make big changes.

Until next time! Be kind, be motivated, and stay awesome!