10 Reasons to Visit Taipei and its Attractions

Taipei is well known for its beautiful sightseeing places, temples and many other things. I heard about this city that it is wonderful and contain number of beautiful places. When I was during trip to Taipei I enjoyed so much and I want to visit this city again. This city has offered number of memorable things which attracts me. Taipei tourism offers number of things to do in the city. Before making a planning about visiting this city you should have proper Taipei travel guide information.

Weather in city: The best time to visit Taipei is from late October month to January.

Here are 10 reasons to visit Taipei which will help you knowing why you should visit Taipei:

Taroko Gorge: This tourist attraction is situated on the eastern coast and is considered as the major attraction which features towering cliffs, thundering river & number of opportunities for trekking and camping. One can reach this city from Tungshih along the highway that is 200Km long and offers number of beautiful views.

Kenting National park: During your trip to Taipei your should visit this national park where you can have a view of beautiful waterfalls, attractive coastlines, hot springs, forests, white beaches and many other things.

Lukang: it is the major harbour from 20th centuries. It is one of smallest towns which retain its historic atmosphere and tiny alleyways. In the centre of town, a Lungshan temple is situated; dating from 18th C has carved ceilings fantastically. This temple was dedicated to goddess of mercy “Kuanyin”.

National palace museum: this museum includes history museums, art museums and many other collections. The collection of historic arts fascinating for its depth & breadth has escaped destruction over many years.

LungShan Temple: There are number of celebrations and festivals are held in this temple, often it is known as meeting place of god or goddess.

Yangmingshan National park: by visiting this national park you can have number of memorable views of mountains which can attract you and will offer you memorable of beautiful views.

Taipei Zoo: if you want to visit largest zoo of Asia then you should make a trip to Taipei because largest zoo is situated in Taipei. Every year many people come to see animals in this zoo.

Beitou Hot spring: It is also considered as one of the major attraction. By have proper Taipei tourist information you can easily visit and enjoy your holiday’s trip to this city.

National revolutionary Martyrs shrine: It contains historic sites and museums. This shrine honours republic of China war.

Tainan: This is one of the major attractions of this city. In Tainan, there are about200 temples situated which attracts people to visit this city. Every temple has its own significance.

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