My Recent Experience In Microblogging

Preparing for microblogging

Previously, I have used Twitter socially to share humorous stories, videos and pictures with my friends. So I found this assignment slightly daunting at first, as when creating a new Twitter account, which is university appropriate, there are a few things you need to consider.

Your personal information, such as your bio, profile picture and cover photo needs to be suitable. Along with who you follow, to provide you with the correct content to comment on.

My personal information.

I started by following lots of celebrities and public figures which I assumed would post frequently and relevantly. Some of these rely quite heavily on Twitter as a platform to enhance their status, by expressing their opinions to the masses.

Figures such as Donald Trump, Piers Morgan and Stormzy were quite good for tweeting about controversial topics, which I felt I could give my opinion on. This provided me with some good content and some topics which I found interesting, ended up on my feed.

George Chesterton, writing for GQ, explains how Piers Morgan has “been accused of bullying, misogyny, being a stalker and plenty of other things that we won’t mention here”.

My tweet reply to Piers Morgan.

My experience of microblogging

At first, I felt my tweets were forced as I was struggling to find my voice and place myself in the twitter-sphere. I found myself cringing at what I was writing as it felt alien to be discussing important topics on the platform, rather than just meaninglessly scrolling and retweeting.

Then, I came across a news story that evoked some emotion and I found myself wanting to read and write about it. I often take quite a feminist stance, as women being treated equally is something I feel passionately about.

The first tweet that I actually believed in.

From then on, I made sure I was only discussing and commenting on content that really moved or interested me. My twitter profile was starting to form an accurate representation of who I am as a person, and what matters to me.

I then found it much easier to compose original tweets, as I had found my voice and talking about subjects you are passionate about is easy. The assignment no longer felt like a chore, but actually something I was enjoying doing every day.

One of my original tweets.

Also, my new account was giving me the freedom to explore Twitter and engage in conversations and debates which I wouldn’t normally do on my personal Twitter account. My account gave me the opportunity to express my intellectual opinion on current affairs, and engage with people I normally wouldn’t have a chance to.

Dr. Peggy Dexler, writing for Hello Giggles, describes one of the positives of Twitter to be it’s accessibility, as it “provides unprecedented access to our lawmakers and to our celebrities, as well as to news as it’s happening”.

What I have gained from microblogging

This experience of microblogging has really enlightened me and showed me how social media can be used for an actual purpose. As I was forced to conduct my own opinions, it gave me the time to think about what my opinion actually is on news stories, which I normally would not partake in.

After I had finished this part of the assignment, I actually felt proud of my Twitter account as I knew all my tweets showed an element of my personality. Therefore, I decided to keep the Twitter account as I thought it would be useful in the future.

My tweeting about politics.

During my search for a graduate job, there is quite often a section that asks for a social media account to look at. Now I feel like I have an account that I am happy to share, and which shows off who I am in an academic light.

So my experience of microblogging has been a positive one, as it has allowed me to curate my own opinions without judgement and engage more in the current news. Furthermore, I have gained further experience in social media and also in writing, as I have demonstrated another writing style which I am capable of.




Focusing on news, journalism and social media. I am passionate about the representation of women and how the media can contribute to or combat patriarchy.

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Abbie Cook

Abbie Cook

Focusing on news, journalism and social media. I am passionate about the representation of women and how the media can contribute to or combat patriarchy.

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